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Read my delightful spec scripts

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Earnest moment here: I love writing specs. I have such a fun time mapping out TV shows and figuring out each character's voice and driving desires. I try to write one spec each year, so here are two of my current faves.

Being in a writers' room is my dream, so feel free to pass along my name and these scripts to any showrunners you know!

What We Do In the Shadows

"The Bang Bang Game"

Written by Allison Slice

Local humans celebrate Fourth of July, inspiring the vamps to play a hunting game. Colin finds someone he hopes to sire into an emotional vampire.

Download PDF • 92KB

The Great North

"Full Pink Beaver Moon"

Written by Allison Slice and Andrew Krainock

When a bunch of California hipsters come into town for the Full Pink Beaver Moon Festival, Beef takes it upon himself to guide them through an Alaskan night. Ham falls in love with a money-grabbing guru, and the hipsters begin to worship not the moon, but Moon Tobin.

Download PDF • 91KB

Other projects in the works:

Bob's Spec (2023)

Original Pilot (2023)

Elaine's Cooking for the Soul (podcast project 2023)

The Lull (podcast project 2024)

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