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Allison Slice

Audio Professional & Writer

I created this hub to cover my two main interests: podcasting and writing. Those combined passions represent my love of strong voices and storytelling. I work with people who are interested in sharing their unique point of view with the world and my books are open if you are interested in co-creating meaningful content. Plus, if you scroll down there's a game of pong waiting for you.


All the Info

In a Nutshell

Hi! I'm Allison (she/they)

My passion is everything podcasting--I am an audio expert that engineers, edits, produces, and publishes podcasts for a living and have been producing weekly and daily podcasts professionally since 2019. I'm open to inquiries for your podcasting needs from simple one-time consultations to weekly full-scale production services.. Whether you're just starting out or are looking to level up and grow your podcast, I am your friendly neighborhood producer that can help you with all your technical needs as well as the vital and underrated data crunching that helps you understand your audience and your own special niche in the podcasting space.

I also write for the screen and for the ears. This ranges from half hour specs, to original pilots, to my sci-fi comedy podcast. I am always interested in freelance copywriting and script consulting opportunities, so don't hesitate to reach out if you like my writing style!

"Allison's exceptional production skills and keen attention to detail have created a truly immersive and transformative meditation experience for our practitioners."




Take a break from me and play pong

Let's connect!

I do all sorts of writing and consulting. Let me know if you want to collab or just talk about the arts or whatever!

Thanks for submitting!

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